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Business Partners at Work
Business Partners at Work

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Collating Data
Collating Data

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Transactional Law

It is said that there are only two certain things in life:  Death, and taxes.  But there is also legalese.

Planning is important to success, but understanding is important to planning.  I help individuals and businesses understand the issues and options, so that instead of simply doing something, my clients do the right things to achieve the best result for them.



  • Articles of Incorporation and Certificates of Formation

  • Corporate Bylaws

  • Stock Subscription Agreements

  • Shareholder Agreements and LLC Operating Agreements

  • Annual Meeting Minutes and Reports

  • Corporate Resolutions

  • Commercial Leases

  • Conveyances of Real Property

  • Estate Planning

  • Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney

  • Community Property Agreements

  • Probates of Testate and Intestate Estates

  • Affidavits of Successor

  • Contract Review, Drafting, and Negotiation


News & Publications

I-594's Inheritance Trap for the Unweary.

I-594 has a "trap" which could create problems for unweary spouses, personal representatives and/or administrators, and heirs.  But with a little planning and forethought, you can help all of them avoid hassles, headaches, and potential criminal charges.

Avoid Unnecessary Liability As A Personal Representative or Administrator of An Estate.


Sometimes, a Personal Representative or Administrator will just go along with documents prepared by a title insurance company when selling property owned by an estate, without knowing that they could be incurring personal liability by doing so.  Knowing how to convey title can make it easier for the fiduciary to sleep at night...

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Areas of Practice

Business & Corporate Law

Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney


Real Estate